Gymnastics Holiday Camp Activities

Training Camp activities delivered by British Gymnastics qualified and highly expirirenced coaches.

All Phoenix RG Coaches DBC checked and Insured.


Children will have fun while playing exciting games throughout the day. Games specifically designed by British Gymnastics to encourage the children to get fit.


Children will learn basic gymnastics skills such as splits, bridges, forward rolls as well advanced skills such as cartwheels, walkovers and handstands. On top of that children will get the opportunity to try all of the gymnastics apparatuses. They will learn skipping with ropes, rolls and throws with hoops, bounces and rolls with balls, little throws with clubs and spirals and snakes with ribbons.


Children will learn basic steps of popular dances alongside with ballet elements by the barre to improve their coordination.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes

Edmonton County School, Bury Campus,

Little Bury St, London N9 9JZ, United Kingdom

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